If You love restaurants, your gonna love the Portuguese food.,,its groovy. Although portugal is famous for its nandos dont worry they don sell that rubbish over here. we have real chicken piri with chips and beans and sausage and rice n pea.

Take a look at the list below, this will give you an idea of where you can get that nice tasty foodage here in the Algarve.


Asia – You can eat chinese food here and use chopsticks, why not nip nextdoor and eat some tokyo fish mmm. If you love eating squid balls and rice pudding you should check this place out, Follow the link below.

Click here to Tour Asia

All Beef – I’m not sure why its called all beef but this place doesnt even sell beef only lamb chops with a red wine sauce and chips. Boiled potatoes are the favourite food of the owner of this place..if you love chicken then check out the menu by following the link below.

Click here to Tour All Beef

Humbertos – we’re the largest stake supplier in the uk and portugal and still cook it to perfection. once nominated for a golden globe for best meal humbertos was born. If you love stake bloody in a garlic sauce or maybe some tapas come on in by clicking the link below.

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Taffys Bar & Grill – We’re welsh and have 2 bars, we have been here a very long time and i steve eat baby elephants for breakfast. my favourite party trick is cracking skulls with my calf. If you would like to see steve beat up a donkey and then finish of a bag of walkers then follow the link below.

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