Praia da Rocha Strip

Praia da Rocha strip is a peaceful place with many bars, restaurants, shops and other to do’s, however in the months of June/July/August the strip is hectic. Here in Praia da Rocha we have many visitors of many nationalities, being a popular multi-cultural holiday resort it has something for everyone.

Avenida Tomas Cabreira is the real road name of the strip, a long road with local businesses on either side. Praia da Rocha strip runs parallel with the beautiful Algarvian Coast line so whether you’re out for a walk or a day time drink, you’ll be able to enjoy the amazing Praia da Rocha coastline. Although very Portuguese in the off season time, this place turns into a complete free for all in the summer months with people coming from UK, Ireland, Northern Portugal, Southern Spain, France, Belgium and more

Praia da Rocha Strip

View of Praia da Rocha Strip

.Praia da Rocha strip has many cool & crazy characters on there and I’m sure if you have been here before you will know at least one of them. Although not to be worried about too much, the local street guys/gypsies are all over the Portugal and the world for that matter, granted these guys do make certain area’s look untidy and can be annoying by asking you more than once if you would like to purchase a watch, a phone, sunglasses, cigarettes and sometime worse!

Depending on what type of person you are, depends on what time of year you should visit Praia da Rocha Strip

With the current financial situation and their lack of education along with them going about it the wrong way, I do somewhat understand that these guys are just trying to make a living. If you don’t entertain them they will leave you alone and go away, but as soon as you show them any interest that’s it…The hard sell comes out of them.

My advice on this is to stay pleasant and just kindly but firmly say ‘no thank you’ do this enough times and they will eventually leave you alone. However, don’t let them put you off coming, it’s a small issue that will not affect your holiday, but definitely worth a mention.

We Look Forward to Seeing You Next Time!!

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