Praia da Rocha beach!

Praia da Rocha is also known as “Beach of Rocks” is a seaside resort located in the Portimão area of the Algarve. Praia da Rocha beach is most likly the biggest reason people come here, a man-made beach with golden sands and views a plenty.

However If you don’t want to get full of sand, but want be close to the beach then don’t worry, you can take a stroll along the beach on the wooden boardwalk. This boardwalk is not only great for you but makes this beach wheelchair friendly, although admittedly not always ideal unless you are staying at the Tivoli Suites down on the harbour. From Tivoli Hotel Portimão you are able to access the beach by wheelchair, mobility scooter or with a baby’s push chair.

This place does get very busy in the summer months of July/August so make sure you get down there early and get that towel down

Praia da Rocha beach

View of Praia da Rocha beach from the main road

The Boardwalk – Praia da Rocha Beach

Along Praia da Rocha beach boardwalk you will find a choice of restaurants serving fresh sea-food, Argentinian steaks, traditional Portuguese style dishes such as Franceshina, Bacalhau, Chicken Piri-Piri along with some chilled drinks and a view to die for…Anything else madam!


On the boardwalk leading away from the cliffs and towards the sea views you will find a choice of sun beds available, prices may vary but you will be looking at around 5-8 euros for a bed, mat, small table and the choice of using a sun umbrella, again this is still wheelchair accessible.

No solo agua

Beach & Pool bar

If you don’t fancy getting sand between your toes, but you want to enjoy the sea views up close then why not head to No Solo Aqua – Pool Side or sea side you choose at this place, this small piece of  paradise is a must do. I’ll go into this place in another post at a later date but for now it’s over and out…Enjoy your day at the beach folks!

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