Claire’s Bar & Restaurant

If you ever find yourself in Praia da Rocha, Claire’s Restaurant is a place to visit, Based at the end of the main street running through Praia da Rocha, in the Praia da Vau direction. Some people will tell you its to far to walk from the center of the strip but a little walk never hurt anybody, also helps keep that waistline healthy…You know the feeling!


  • Breakfast at Claire's
    Breakfast at Claire's


Claire’s Restaurant owner, Carlos who has run this place for many years says ” My aim is to bring high standard food at a cheap and cheerful price, I to know what it’s like to feed a family on a budget” when asked what he recommended? he replied “The Mixed Grill” so there you have it, a little inside information.


Claire’s do an offer for both singles and families

For example, a family of 4

You go in the first night and you get your voucher stamped 4 times.

You go in the 2nd night and get it stamped another 4 times.

The next time you went in you would get one of your meals for free.

See the voucher below as an example.


claires flier

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